Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Prints For Sale

I made new prints.  I love these prints and I think you will too.

These were made to look like the Child's Name Pillows.



And I just love initials.

G is for Gavin

P is for Paisley

And if your kiddos share a room with a sibling, these would be perfect for the decor.

B is For Brother

B Is For Brother

This one is my fave:
S Is For Sister

You can pick out your colors and patterns for me to make.  Isn't it awesome how you can customize anything in my shop? Wink, wink.

And if you own everything from me, your room might look a little something like this...

For The Love of Joy Decor

This is our guest room.  I kind of wish it was my own room. :)

So these are my new items for the shop.  Next month I have something else to showcase!

Anna Joy


  1. Anna Joy that is all so darling! I love them all :-)

  2. I just found your blog and have to say that I love what you do! Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous...I think it takes a great eye to put patterns together like you do and make it aesthetically pleasing. I have really enjoyed perusing your blog and finding so much inspiration here. Keep up the good work!


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